I have watched the fire spits between Mr. Femi Adesina and Barr. Tolu, both defending what they stand on.
Well, I have my opinion as thus;
Mr. Femi Adesina is a typical Nigerian. A typical Nigerian, when given little power or privilege, would always abuse it, and feel on top of the world. The same Femi Adesina has been known for his illogical and unacceptable defense he makes, for this worst government in the history of Nigeria, the one he’s part of. One can only wonder if it’s not the same Femi Adesina during Jonathan era. But that’s a Nigerian for you, they’re all opportunists, just wait for them to have a chance; then you see their true colour.
Without Mincing words, it’s clear to the blind and so audible to the deaf that this Administration remains the worst in Nigerian history. The one when Nigerian lives experience the worst living. Ranging from poor economy, low standard of living, insecurity of life and properties, maximum cost and price of commodities, highest level of unemployment, highest level of corruption so far, in the history of Nigeria. When we thought Jonathan was worse, with the likes of Diezani Alinson-Madueke, Sambo Dasuki, Olisah Metuh and the rest, then Saint Buhari came on board with refined crooks like Akpabio, Pondei, Mallami, Magu and the rest. In fact, we have higher crimes and criminals in Nigeria now than ever before. See all little boys turned to CashApp and Benefit gangs. SARS, EFCC, DSS and all security agencies are only taking their shares in crime today. In fact, NA is about recruiting repentant Boko Haram insurgents. 😭😭😭.. Let me just stop here. Unfortunately, People like Mr. Femi Adesina will defend any evil, including unwarranted loans and debts. And if Buhari choose to truly sell the sovereignty of Nigeria, likes of Mr. Femi Adesina will come out to defend it. His kind can even defend Satan. Posterity will judge all of them.

And now on #RevolutionNow.
Don’t be surprised that my honesty will make me agree with Mr. Femi Adesina here; It’s truly a “Child’s Play” just as he said.
Firstly, there should be difference between a “Protest” and a “Revolution”. No one should twist our brain with any falsified definition. A protest shall be based on demands or requests, while a Revolution entrails or centers on removal or change of a particular Government.
Yes! I agree Nigeria is due for a real #Revolution. The Insurgency, the Banditry, the kidnapping, the corruption, the carelessness of the Government towards Nigerian citizens, subjecting Majority of Nigerians to abject Poverty, Poor healthcare, avoidable deaths, insecurity, and generally, poor livelihood; despite our huge resources, are all enough to push Nigeria to #RealRevolution; but Are Nigerians ready? No! Absolutely No! It used to be ” suffering and smiling “, but its now “suffering and living”, or ” suffering and living, till death overtakes”; a sign of hopelessness. Nobody is ready to make the change, No one is ready to make the sacrifice. It has all been rendered over to God, and God Has been laughing at our foolishness. As He won’t change the condition of a people until they change it themselves. The oppressors have silently killed Nigerians with ignorance and poverty, in all ramifications.
RevolutionNow is a child’s play, as a matter of fact, Mr. Femi Adesina has given Sowore and the rest a clue. Firstly, to stage a Revolution, you need sponsors (locally or internationally), and there’s no revolution that’s bloodless, except may be a rice revolution.. Lol.
Such few numbers of people won’t be the only participants, you have to spend money to mobilize people and materials. You must not only be ready to resist arrests, you must also do anything possible to woo the security agents and carry them along. To an extent that nobody will have a choice, than to join and see the end of a bad government. Such Revolutionary protest will be so massive to the extent that it will intimidate and threaten the security agents, instead of the other way round.

Which Government will fold its arms and watch you disrupt its governance, Administration or Peace? You don’t underrate a threat to the peace of a Nation. Whoever would engage in a Revolution won’t have participated in the last election. Instead of such participation, you’d have started the revolution agenda. Otherwise, every action taken after loosing an election shall be seen as a scam or business venture, or even ‘pepper-body’ of loosing an election.

In such situation, the best revolution you can stage is “election revolution”. Go mobilize hundreds of millions of people, to vote against a bad government in the next election. You can’t remove a democratically elected government without the parliamentary arm of such government and think you’re doing what is legal. No! It doesn’t work that way, that’s Treason plus felony. Nobody would tolerate that, not even a lifeless Buhari.
From yesterday’s interview, Mr. Femi Adesina has given us a clue to go on a real Revolution.

I am Baseet Ayorinde.

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