On the 20th of August 2020 His Royal Majesty King ABDULRASAQ OLANBIWONINU ESAN OMIRIN 1 THE ONILEEGBO OF ILEEGBO Address the community Council elders and residents.saying his coming down was an impromptu visitations not for anything but for the development of Ileegbo.
HRM further eye the sitting that why was promises not fulfilled about the land giving to every one to build it adding beauty and development of the community.
He told them that they should not be caught surprised that when he successful building his Mini Palace he will further bringing A Factory to the community but if nothing is done he will not be happy ,he further emphasised on IKETE that developed within a twinkle of an eyes (SUPPORT)
HIS MAJESTY Rock on saying if no one support him by building the lands given to individuals he will authoritatively collect it from who so ever did not.
He mandated it that if no one Develop his or her land before 15th of Sept he will give it out to anybody who is available to develop.
He Urged every body sitting to embrace what given to them before immigrants take over for rapid expansion and development.
Finally , HRM uses this medium calling on all ileegbo sons and daughters to come join the successful moving train to developing the community with mind of Peace and Love.

Come and let build ileegbo kingdom to a modern taste above others.A home to reside for everybody

While speaking with(OLORI OMO IGBAYE)appreciated the King words and lamentations then urges the sitting in backing up the King words to let each and every one build up the Community (Calling children and parents that are in diaspora or different country state to come home to build the community ) even beyond expectations and not to let immigrants have access to purchase or take over with dominations , he emphasises the benefit of developing the community which will build the kingdom even with the global influence of the King.
Inconclussion he urged every one who may have anything to gain from the community they should start developing the community because The King only can not do it because it will delay the progress of the community.
Conclusion: He directed his word of advises to the community Chairman to help this campaign by calling together everyone who are sons and daughter of the soul for the benefit and development of the community.

COMMUNITY SECRETARY also accolades the King adding that with the king due guidelines line shall be their principle to follow which bodies everyone who will reside in the Kingdom even if not residing often or frequently.

THE YOUTH REPRESENTATIVE (BABATUNDE) Also gives kudos the king towards the high prolific in building ILEEGBO KINGDOM assuring the Sitting and The King that the entire youth will emerge and start building ILEEGBO with utmost sincerity to mark as a support from the youth wing.

MR OJO EMMANUEL: He with sincere heart appeal to the king to pls consider the date given for developing their land if more than the 15th of Sept because the situations at hand is finance but if he could help shifting and adjusting the date for them to repid build the land before development inspections .
He concluded by saying the king should make it mandatory to levy every one certain amount for building THE COMMUNITY TOWN HALL.because no man his an highland ,that they should all surpport the king first.

BABA ORADARE : He cleared mind shaping everyone to Release their own Land to people who want to buy and ready to build it and if they are to give it to children they should give it to them for quick development.






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