HRM KING ABDULRASAQ OLANBIWONINU ESAN OMIRIN 1 , This afternoon While speaking with our correspondents release that his crowned as the ONILEEGBO OF ILEEGBO was designed by God to serve ,develop and build a viral mutual relationship to unify both sons and daughters of the soil (ILEEGBO).and visitors.

OBA ABDULRASAQ OLANBIWONINU ESAN OMIRIN 1Who is the C.E.O. FARMER’S EMPIRE,A SUBSIDIARY OF WEALTH AGRO ALLIED NIG LTD said he was a man of many men (BATTALION) while he fix each and everyone into business to make ends meet because his passion for every one close to him is to live in compatibility

The King who is a BUSINESSMAN AND A VETERINARY DOCTOR said his steadfastness and persevere in the line of business made him successful and famous mostly in the Northern part of Nigeria .(He Speaks Hausa ).

He further explain his relationship with God that he is a God fearing soul who deos not discriminates, he said is palace is open for any clergymen or the herbalist because with them God speaks.

KING ABDULRASAQ OLANBIWONINU ESAN OMIRIN 1 said he is the forth child out of six children from his mother with sound and quality education but his love for business spring him over taking his education so light while others sibling had higher educational certified while he is a higher certified and verified BUSINESS MAN.

The king then express his sincere heart filled with thanks to God to have choosen him THE FIRST EVER KING in this new evolution world we are to Direct and unite everybody to come developing the growth ileegbo kingdom above any other community in Osun state and in Nigeria.

HRM uses the occassion to plead every business owners who will love to come develop by establishing their business in his rulling kingdom should come take lands for free but by 15th of September its will be approved for purchase not free anymore .He then call upon those in diaspora to come see a kingdom like ever in ILEEGBO so that they can as well invest together to developing the community.

Hence , He appreciates the State of Osun Governor for the way he shows the masses a strictly adherence procedures toward curbing the pandemic Covid-19 to making State of Osun Free From the Disease among other states.

He concluded by saying his Time will keep blossoming the greener pasture of ILEEGBO KINGDOM more so with love and cooperation sharing.



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