Friends,Families,Political Associates and Clergymen came together to celebrate Evangelist Olufemi Akande in his castle in Moniya Akinyele Local Government has he turn 80years old.

Chief Olufemi Akande Appreciated God for spearing his dear life till this moment and that he is Healthily active even till the moment, “All praises and thanks to God in my life , he never leave my side all day long “ .

While Speaking with Our Correspondent

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Immanuel Anglican Church Ashi Vicar ,Ven S.S Aiyegbusi said it is an opportunity and privileged to clock 80, while speaking in some cases 70 and 80 years is look upon with fear because some celebrates its for Burial Funerals and some to thier celebration “80” they are down sick or eventually not accepted.

From left :Mama Ashi( Vicar’s wife )Mama and Baba Akande and Ven S S Aiyegbusi

Ven Aiyegbusi said baba his looking much younger than 80 Gifting baba that coming year IMMANUEL ANGLICAN CHURCH ASHI ADULT HARVEST baba will be the OCTOGENARIAN of the Anniversary either way if still the shepherd of ASHI or not, Hence , his name will be Pen down.

The Vicar took the atmospheric nature to say 80 is an exposure age but unto GOD its an added blessings.

He further Admonished Baba Akande with KEYS

To work WORTHY of the Lord because not all things we do is Godly

To be fruitful in every Good work

Increase yourself in the KNOWLEDGE of God because John and Paul  also did

Worship God the more (Fulltime)

Ven Aiyegbusi, Appreciated baba to not have belittled him age wise nor as a man of God who he comes to discussing his spiritual life with at all time. Having said this, 80 is a privilege from God and advise baba without any reservations he should embrace TRUTH (BLUNT TRUTH) Truth at all time and nothing of the world should at this time attract him because he already have it all but only to do all for Eternal achievement and to unites his Families and Children.

He concluded his Exaltation by praying for baba and referring him to relationship said by Amos 3:3 in dealing with other people but unto christ the relationship will determine where we end our journey , same relationship placed Mama Akande bluntly beside him so also every one here today to celebrate baba @80 and same relationship will make individual if to end with Christ in Paradise of Hell with Devil.

While speaking with Chief Ojobaro he described Daddy Akande as follow

*Evangelist Olufemi Akande @ 80*
It is my pleasure to congratulate Evang. Olufemi Akande on this auspicious occasion.
Attaining the age of 80 moreso by someone who has gone to fight in the civil war, involved in Mitasine fight quelling in Kano and a police officer for many years shows that God really showed mercy on him to have survived all these deadly wars.
Though the Lord says “He will show mercy on to whom he pleases”. I believe that Evang. Akande really enjoys God’s mercy hence his evangelistic work after retiring for receiving God’s favour. Ever since we met at Immanuel Ang. Church, Asi we have been relating as age mate not minding the disparity in our ages. His exemplary life of simplicity and humility transcends that of a policeman and it’s really worthy of emulation. As a Father and husband, I have imbibed so many qualities in his relationship with his wife and Children. He is very generous and always ready to assist in all forms not minding the cost to him. As to his relationship with God, I can attest that he is committing his resources and time to serve his God. My prayer is that as he celebrates this milestone, the Almighty God will continue to endow him with good health, state of mind and body. Age with grace of the Almighty God in happiness and wealth. Many happy and prosperous returns.


Baba and Mama with the Female children
Baba and Mama with the Female children

From left :Ashi Curates Mama Ashi( Vicar’s wife )Mama and Baba Akande and Ven S S Aiyegbusi and St Luke Anglican Church Vicar
Baba and Mama with the Male Children
Baba and Mama Akande with Friends
Happy Hour
Daddy Akande in pose
Well wishers at the Birthday Prayer Services

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